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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

John Dillinger Gun On Display In Racine Police Station

It has been big news between Chicago and Milwaukee about Johnny Depp filming a movie about John Dillinger. That got me wondering if one of the guns (a Thompson submachine gun) that John Dillinger used was still on display here in Racine. It is and it is currently at the Racine Police Station. It had been on loan to the Racine Art Museum which stands on the site that the bank (American Bank and Trust) that Dillinger robbed once stood.

Dillinger and his ganged robbed the American Bank and Trust on November 20, 1933 and took $28,000 according to The Journal Times.

Of course for some very insane and stupid reason the movie Johnny Depp is NOT going to film that robbery even though it would make a good scene (according to the headline on the original article the bank president was kidknapped and tied to a tree). So, what have our local politicians done to try and bring revenue into this city???

A major Hollywood movie being filmed about the FBI's very first declared public enemy with what would be a very interesting scene and from what I can tell from different blogs and websites none of our politicians have even tried to get the movie here.

To read the full story please click on The Journal Times link below.


This is a link to a copy of the original newspaper article about the robbery.

I figured since I mentioned the Racine Art Museum a link would be nice.

One of the blogs that explains in more details about the movie and why it is not coming to Racine link is below.


Colors of Me said...

johnny depp is just a HOT piece of man!!!!! ok, nuf said LOL!!!

fairiemoon said...

I know, i know...too little, too late, but hoping you are reading these comments still. I have a question. i grew up in racine and remember my dad taking me to a house or a lot near where (i think) spring street and state street intersect (maybe around prospect or liberty on the west side of state) where john dillinger hid out while on the run from the police. have you heard about anything like that and/or do you know where it was? I will have to ask him again...he probably knows the address. perhaps it was a rumor, but he remembers people talking about it when he was a kid. he was born in '33. any info would be really neat!

Mary L said...

Hi fairiemoon. It's never too little too late. I don't have any information yet, but I'll see what I can dig up. Maybe the police station or the library will have something. I'll do a little research and see what I can find.

Thanks for reading my blog.

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